Saturday, March 12, 2011

Design update...

I wrote something about dynamic design once upon at time.. about how there is nothing wrong with changing a design mid-stream through a build..and I needed to invoke this recently. After some deliberation, I found the top and bottom panels of each the cabinets a little thin with not enough substance. I've grown to like thicker top and bottom panels in cabinets, it's just more pleasing to my eye and in a second opinion I received. What I therefore decided to do was to increase the thickness of the top and bottom panels. This involved re-creating the panels using a thicker substrate than the one I used previously. I selected some maple from which to resaw veneers, selected the solid wood edging and went through the methodical process of cutting and slicing everything to size as well as preparing the surfaces.

I had a concern about the dowel holes and getting them to line up exactly as on the original top and bottom panels. This was easily accomplished however, since the dowelling jig I used is fairly universal as long as the dimensions of the new panels match the former panels. Another concern I had with the original panels was since the depth was less, the dowels had considerable less wood to attach to, the thicker panels solved this dilemma if in fact it was even an issue.

The steps involved in re-creating these panels were somewhat lengthier than anticipated including the re-creation of the stopped rabbets for the back panels, preparing the veneers, joining them, etc. I am definitely pleased with the results however.. the panels turned out well. The deciding test was to see if the back panels fit the cabinets as they did with the previous top and bottom panels. and they did , flawlessly. I must be getting better at doing all this..