Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sculptures in progress...

Following the same style as my most recent sculptures, I decided to create two large sculptures with a similar organic, curvilinear shape. One of these sculptures is intended for an annual sculpture exhibition.. the second is essentially speculative work. The sculptures are completely veneered with figured maple and this was somewhat of a challenge due to the curved surfaces involved. Much of my previous work was carved from solid blocks of wood except for some smaller sculptures. Due to the large dimensions of these new sculptures ( over 3 feet high), a solid block of figured maple was almost impossible to come by. After some deliberation, the choice was made to instead veneer a core with sheets of figured maple veneers.

The first batch of veneers I sliced, although highly figured, did not lend themselves well to the shape of the sculptures. I wanted a somewhat seamless look, that is veneer graphics which are continuous from side to side. I instead book-matched the first batch of veneers and will use them for cabinet doors. They will be fantastic for this application! I then prepared a new set of veneers. These veneers were sliced and prepared to the correct thickness, then methodically applied to the core and carefully scraped to give the sculpture surfaces an appearance of a continuous sheet of wood.  The figure is a very subtle curl which is more prominent in areas, adding to the character. I infuse the wood with color to enhance this curl, very similar to my most recent sculptures.

In the photo, the two sculptures are temporarily raised so I can continue to smooth the surfaces. The base and stand-offs are only temporary. Solid blocks of dark rosewood will serve as the individual bases, although I haven't sourced these yet. I'll be posting another update soon.