Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Laying out the drawer cases (1)...

I have had to take a short break from this project due to circumstances and other work in my schedule. I'm back on track with this cabinet now and I am in the process of laying out the configuration of the drawer cases. The original plan had one upper drawer at the top left and the two drawer assembly at the lower right. Upon reflection, I decided to configure the drawer cases differently as in the photo. This is somewhat of a staggered, stepped arrangement with the appearance of a floating drawer at the left with the original location of the two drawer case at the right. Since I have complete freedom to lay out the drawer cases as long as there is sufficient room above either of the drawer cases for art objects, I have taken this liberty in the design process.

At the left, beneath the single drawer case, I am also considering a false front which would appear as a solid piece of wood and is only removable through a hidden slot. This feature can be considered a secret compartment. I like the idea, but I also like the design of having the left drawer case appear to be floating as in the photo. I have mocked up the drawer cases with the empty compartment at the bottom left.

This is my current design dilemma and I will continue to experiment with the layout of the drawer cases.


Anonymous said...

i'm very interested as in how you will attached the drawer cases to the carcass, can't wait to see that! great work!

Norman Pirollo said...

Definitely a good question.
I will probably peg the drawer cases to the sides and bottom of the cabinet with small dowels, but this depends on if I design in the secret compartment with removable front panel. I'm looking for strength in attaching to the carcass, but not rigidly attached either.