Friday, July 25, 2008

Cabinet base (2)...

I have let the components of the cabinet base or the cabinet stand sit for a couple of days to have them release any internal tension from the resawing operations performed earlier. This tension is due to the interior part of the wood not being as dry as the outside , therefore typically contracting inwards to form a concave form. After a day or so I began to plane the legs a small amount to create flat reference surfaces on two adjacent sides. I then use these perfectly flat sides to dimension the legs to the proper thickness all around. This is one area where it is best to take the time and do it right regarding the judicious dimensioning. I monitor the leg stability every so often, making sure there is no bowing or twist occurring from pent up tension. Th extra material I had left in each dimension would allow me to remove this safely if it does occur. I have also highlighted the grain orientation of the legs and aprons.

I also have the parts for the four aprons almost ready, they are rough dimensioned at this stage with a flat reference surface. I also check this flat reference surface periodically to confirm that it is still flat and not cupped, bowed, etc. When these base or stand components have stabilized further, I will dimension them to the finished sizes. Afterwards, I introduce a taper to each of the legs which I perform initially with the bandsaw and then handplaning the surfaces flat. I also have the blank for the drawer faces selected. The blank is a straight, fine grained Santos mahogany and from it I will rough cut three drawer faces.

Well, it's that time of year again. My wife and I are off to the mountains for a few days of hiking, kayaking and relaxing. With our warm and humid summers up here, we like to go to the mountains as it's cooler and drier. I'll continue where I left off when I am back.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site and am browsing. I like what I see and look forward to learning while reading your entries.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to find someone who enjoys do the work by hand and understands the wood as a dynamic matterial. I look forward to seeing more of your work

rookster said...


I keep checking back for updates. I can only imagine that the addition of your wife's business has become a significant time sink at your house?

Norman Pirollo said...

Hi Rookster,

I'm feeling kind of bad that I have had to temporarily abandon the cabinet. I am in the process of completing a piece for a Gallery and beginning another for a Show. The piece for the show needs to be confidential at this point as it will be with others to be judged for an Award. Also, we're experiencing a late summer up here, so I need to catch up :)

I'm going to try to get some time on the beech cabinet on stand shortly.

Thanks for asking.