Thursday, May 14, 2015

Latest Book...

My latest book is now complete and off to the publisher. I will be receiving print copies next week and an eBook version will be available in a few days. Orders are welcome through . Updated this post with cover from new book. Here is part of the blurb for the book.

Norman Pirollo chronicles his fascinating journey over a 40 year period. Follow the riveting story of how his hi-tech career gradually evolved into a woodworking career. Read how Norman overcame obstacles and through determination and perseverance, finally attained his goal of self-employment at woodworking. Discover how Norman acquired the skills and techniques to be able to craft heirloom furniture today. Author Norman Pirollo shares his creative journey from childhood through adulthood. Perseverance, fate and critical decisions all combined to map out the direction he followed in life.


Robert Demers said...

Cool, I like the cover picture :-)
When you get the books back from the publisher let me know I'll take one.
I want a signed copy :-)

Norman Pirollo said...

Done Bob..
We'll talk once I receive the books.
Glad you like the cover..
It's an Altair 8800 but I actually have an IMSAI 8080 here..still runs. 40 yr. old computer now.


lee woo said...

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