Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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As winter slowly draws to a close, the days are getting longer, the sun more intense, and some new birds are appearing at the feeders. I managed to get some skiing and skating in over the winter. Lately I've been busy creating work for a solo exhibition coming up in late March. I had not realized how many pieces of art I would need. So this is what I've been doing lately,...creating work for this exhibition and a couple of other smaller local group exhibitions. The upcoming solo exhibition will feature my wall art while the smaller local exhibitions feature my sculptural work. The photo here was snapped at an exhibition opening in the past two weeks. This particular sculpture "Eternal Flame" is the largest I have created so far and it provided its share of challenges. 

A critical component of my recent art work is the finishing. I use a modified French Polish process which I developed. It is essentially French Polishing with a little time-saving thrown in. French Polishing is probably the most difficult and time consuming finishing technique to master, but the results are well worth it. The feedback I have been receiving is great and encourages me to keep going.

Along with this work I have been designing a couple of new pieces of furniture. The new designs have presented some technical challenges but this is what I like... to be challenged. I'll talk about this in an upcoming blog post. I also have a new logo design for the furniture design aspect of what I do in my studio. Like anything else, I was tired of the earlier logo and it needed updating anyway. Preliminary feedback is good.

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