Sunday, March 17, 2013

Art exhibition... Go Figure!

So I've been busy preparing work for my upcoming solo art exhibition. This is a city art exhibition and proposals from different visual artists were juried and a few selected from these entries. The exhibition revolves around a pre-defined theme of which I chose. This theme focuses on the figure of wood. Combining the theme and a commonly used cliche, I came up with the clever Go Figure! title for the exhibition. At least I think it's clever :) The work consists of over 25 pieces of wood art, the majority of which are framed. The individual art pieces each portray an image or vision of mine.. something I see in the graphics of the wood. I use color to highlight different parts of the wood figure and graphics. So each art piece is unique and colored differently. The colors are mine to choose and I worked with a palette of colors which I mixed and created. I have my favorite colors which I tend to use more than others.

The exhibition begins this coming Friday March 22, 2013. Set up is this Thursday and I literally have 4 hours to set it all up. I will have help to do this. I just hope transporting all this work to the gallery works out and nothing is scratched or damaged. It will a relief once the art work is hanging and I'm satisfied with the way it looks. Otherwise, I'm excited about the exhibition and how it will bring attention to the innate beauty off wood. How wood itself can be used as a form of art.

The wood I use is highly figured and in the form of panels which I have created and framed for the most part. A few of the art pieces have been framed professionally and I will make this an option for a client to have this done if they so choose. These exhibitions run for a little over a month and as well there is an official opening party. The exhibition opening party occurs on Tuesday March 26 from 6-8PM. If you're in the area, drop in to both the party or sometime during this month long exhibition. Wish me luck :)

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