Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Video interview at Go Figure! exhibition

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Liana Voia at the opening of my recent solo exhibition. The goal of this exhibition was to introduce the public to wood as an art form in its simplicity. I enhance the natural beauty of the woods I use. We walked through the exhibition and I spoke a little about each of the pieces in the body of work. Also talked about the inspiration and subtleties of each of the art pieces. This was an exciting evening and a great many people attended encouraging me to move forward with my unique wood art. 

I recall walking in to the gallery and never had the opportunity to even step outside for the many questions I had about my work. This was over a 2 hour period.  The exhibition duration was over a 1 month period and I received many positive comments about the work. The most common comment in my visitor book was that the viewer had never realized wood could be portrayed as a beautiful art form and how wood is under-appreciated. The interview can be seen here: 

To the left is one of my more recent pieces. This piece "Spring Bulrush"  evokes a spring image incorporating light, vibrant colours.

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