Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Upcoming sculpture exhibition...

This summer is turning out to be a nice one after all. We had more rain than usual in the early part of the summer. In typical August fashion, rainfall is low and the days are warm, dry and sunny. Evenings are also cool. I've done quite a bit of recreational activities lately. Camping, cycling, touring wineries, etc. I feel that time off from the studio tends to recharge me and I come back enlightened after seeing so much I had not seen before. I also have the opportunity to talk to people and see some art from other locations.

In the past, I used to camp quite a bit. Since moving outside the city on a few acres, the camping was dropped. This summer is the first in many years that I have begun camping again. My wife and I decided on a whim to go camping and we loved every minute of it. Even getting the gear together was kind of fun.. to see if we could accomplish this in a little over an hour. 

The upcoming sculpture exhibition "Dimensions" is a four day event with a well-attended opening night.One of the the two sculptures in the previous post is destined for this sculpture exhibition which is coming up in three weeks or so. As well, I will have two other sculptures for a total of three sculptures. Both of the new sculptures are having finish applied at the moment. "Dimensions" is the annual sculpture exhibition of the local sculptors group I belong to and we tend to publicize it well. It is held at a venue with good lighting and in a great central location. I truly enjoy these exhibitions.. they provide me the opportunity to talk about my work with interested patrons. The sculpture exhibition card is at the left. I hope to post photos of the completed sculptures very soon.

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