Monday, September 16, 2013

DIMENSIONS Sculpture Exhibition

So we had the sculpture exhibition and it was a success! The opening was well-attended on Thursday evening with music provided by a professional harp player. These exhibitions are key to artists success. We have the opportunity to show new work and gain feedback on the work we are doing. It is great to converse with people and discuss our work. I had many people interested in this series of sculptures as well as the techniques I use and especially the French Polish I apply to the sculptures. Over the course of four days I had the opportunity to meet with many interested people, especially the lovers of wood!

My work is very contemporary in style. This series of sculptures has been described as being both conceptual and spiritual in style. The concept is a flame and my rendering immediately brings this vision to mind. The spiritual side can be viewed in the organic form reaching up and demonstrating how a flame tends to point in a celestial direction. The power of the flame is also instilled in each of the sculptural pieces. 

I enjoy creating these pieces and will hopefully have some variations in this theme over the next year. The process of creating these sculptural objects from raw wood to this finished state is still beholding to me. Wood has so many possibilities and is such a beautiful, malleable medium.

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