Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Latest News....

Currently working on a furniture commission for a client. There is no deadline, although this sometimes prolongs the project. A famous saying I like to quote "If it weren't for deadlines, I would never get anything done".   However, I'm able to juggle the commission with another project further down, so all good!

Was informed this week that one of my furniture designs ( display cabinet) is included in the upcoming Furniture Society book "Rooted", due out in September. The book is a collaboration with Schiffer Publishing. I am invited to the book launch in September in NYC. I might just go as this is an opportunity to talk about my work with attendees.

In other news...

I've had my nose to the grinding wheel these past few weeks. Yes... writing another book and why did I decide to do this in the lazy days of summer :)  In the final stages of the manuscript.. then editing, re-writing sections of it, proof-reading, etc. Planning to make an announcement about the book later in August.

The summer is quickly going by and I haven't even been on vacation yet, hopefully next week for a few days!

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